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Situations compelling for the establishment : The atrocities on the negro people were also based upon market policy i.e workers are required have those workers at the cheapest rate. This attitude gradually extinguished from the map of the world when the western countries attained 100% literacy. In India though father of the nation Jotirao Phule started it before 150 yrs ago, The roots of atrocities on the Buddhist people are catching ground more immensely instead of extinguishing .Why this is happening that Whole Indians have become mental slaves. They worship structures which can not exist. How the Head of elephant & body of human can work Together? But instead of thinking on the issue they again believe that it even drinks milk. On that days whole world was laughing at us.Dr. Ambedkar said that the slave should be made aware with the fact that he is slave then he will break the chains, But here for these crore of Indians nobody tells then above fact. The Buddhist thinking people with scientific approach has left it behind, but the new class has emerged now, because of today’s educational set up. What one has to do is thorough from the book and write it in the paper. No one cares about implementing that knowledge in day to days life hence the class educated people has emerged, they are having big services, professions etc. but they are not thinking people. Hence they even worship to computers they get their future written from computers what a sorrow state of mental slavery? So educated people and the illiterate people are only succumbing to it. In India atrocities based on Buddhist people on horrible footing which is no where else seen in the world. The Brahmins have made Buddhist people not physical slaves but mental slaves. The Buddhist people work hard, earn money, Brahmins take it away in the name of Hindu religion by keeping him under fear that somebody will die from his family, if he will not give money to Brahmin. From thousand years their minds are made to believe that. The stones of any use and shape are given to Hindus for worshiping. It is so humiliating. The thinking people around the world laugh at this mental slavery, but still Hindus are saying they are proud Hindus. The word Hindu in itself denotes meaning as hin+du i.e. dirty slaves. Hence when they will become thinking people then only they will under stand that these are the tactics of Brahmins.

The Educational model in India : The Brahmins are teaching with their educational institutions in such a way that the roots of false beliefs in the mind of buddhists will go on strengthening. In their institution teachers on Nagpanchami waruls are making. Snakes of mud are made to devote them milk. On Dahihandi they have to worship Krishna who was characterless person. How the person who was steeling the clothes of bathing women, who was having 1760 wives can become God? The things continues with worshipping again Ganesha.Durga and Saraswati. How the four hands body can take birth But it is forcefully taught to the Buddhist students. Who don't wish to do it. They has to do these funny things under great compromise. One who hesitates to do it, he is targeted and neglected these people other than Brahmins should introspect that in fact because of whom they are able to get education & equal standard of leaving they are Jotirao Phule & Dr.Ambedkar. Are they at least remembering them on their birth anniversaries? Whether schools are taking some programs on it? No not at all Womankind including Brahmin women should think because of Dnyanjoti Savitribai they are now considered as human being. Otherwise they were garbage in the Indian society. Even the Father of Nation Jotirao Phule has said that Bhat teachers intentionally does not provide attention towards Buddhist students. They try to kill his thirst fro education. On the name of rituals, the imagination power, creative mind & scientific approach are totally killed from the minds of Buddhist, by the educational model of Brahmins. They change the historical events as per their suitability. Truth is buried by them from thousand years. Hence to take it up the concept of this institution is designed. Though by today’s educational system people are becoming literate, they are not becoming thinking persons. George Bernard shaw said: 'thinking about once a week made him what he was;. So to start thinking now how the head of elephant & body of man can work together? How the monkey can take active part in war? How handicapped, Kondev and naked Das can become Guru of Maratha King?. The Institution is established. It will prepare the Kalamkasais like Brahmins in the Buddhist society also, to answer and open their conspiracy with the power of Buddha’s Eight fold Path. To answer the book like ‘Worshipping false Gods’, we have to create people like Ayu. Vasant Moon to write ‘Delusions of Arun Shouri. A futile attempt of icon breaking of an Iconoclast.’ Instead of only throwing stones. As soon as this thinking will start the system based on these false beliefs will collapse the people will get each according to his ability & to each according to his need and not only by birth.

The effect can be done only in the childhood : Our so many people have become educated but we see them going to Hindu Deities Places. Why this happens? Because the fear started in them in child-hood that if something done wrong you have under the influence of drugs. Give him bribe in any kind & get relaxed from your wrongs. So as a habitual slave their upliftment. The basic thinking that why wrong should be committed at all is forgotten in adulthood though all these things are told then too our adult minds hesitate to leave it because the brain of child develops only in the first six years. I understand that this fear factor ‘committing wrongs’ should be abolished in childhood. If child will behave as per asthagmarga he will not commit any wrong hence he will not require any above kind of God. But he will start searching who has given him such a pure & true vision of this world. He will become the follower of Buddhism. So to do this, this institution is established. It will teach from childhood to the child Buddhism with the central board of secondary Education New Delhi syllabus. So that we will become persons with three important p’s 1] Power 2] prestige & 3] position & the whole India, (now world) will again become "Buddhamaya", so give me your children & I will make their future bright.

The motto of the institution : As per today’s society's position we have achieved now at least class three & class four positions with the help of reservation. But it is in fact nothing but Varna system. Earlier it was forth Varna Shudra it is now only name changed like (Harijan) class III & IV & again first Varna, class one are no one but the Brahmins. So now we should concentrate upon taking the class one position in the three wings of democracy. Our children should become IAS, I.P.S., M.P.'s, M.L.A.'s High court, Supreme court Judges. Import Export Business magnets. Share market tycoons. Superior military officers. Private limited company enterprising businessmen, Electronic as well as newspaper media tycoons. But only with the mind filled with Buddhism philosophy, then only they will be useful for our Buddhist society, otherwise they will become educated Brahmins from our society. So the combination of Buddha Dhamma & C.B.S.E. Education is done which develops in children the qualities of great debater, Orator responsible citizen, working in team work, doing leadership, having scientific approach imagination power & creative mind to become above dignitaries.

The institution is the need of hour : When Buddhist society is in the fear of loosing reservation & atrocity act may be abolished, the students of this institution are the need of hour. Hence for the long term planning for our generations to come you must send your children in this institution. There is guarantee to you that if you will prove in the month of march every year that the required standard is not in your child, prescribed for that standard every year in the end of June circulated to you, your entire tuition fees will be returned to you. This our commitment tells you about our determination & the feeling for society. We don't want to open one more school as like today's schools.