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About President
About President

The president Adv.P.R. Dhale Has first served as primary Teacher for six years. Thereafter he resigned from job when he completed his L.L.B. from Indian Law Societys Law College Pune, to practise as an advocate. While practising as an advocate at High Court Bench at Aurangabad in the year 2003 he got selected as Judge. In service he understood that from 10 to 5 duty of Judge he cannot pay back to society. he understood that giving houses to society is useless, giving loans, providing money assistance to student is useless, if they ar not having inbuilt character to get benefitted from it. They spoil it & get them selves also spoiled from it because of no proper education. Only making the supervising persons in the society is important.(In the words of Dr. Babasaheb Amedkar Paradh karnri Manase, ShasankartiJamat). this cn be done only with the iconoclast education. Such kind of Educational Institution was lacking. Hence he resigned from the Job of judge in the year 2006 & established this institution to pay back to society in which he has taken birth.Thereafter he first converted himself long with family to Buddhism at Nagpur Dishabhoomi on 09.10.2008. He became ahramner also to understand Buddha Dhamma and present Sangha internally on 29.10.2008. Hence after the brief study of society's requirement this Institution is established.