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The motto of the institution : As per todays society's position we have achieved now at least class three & class four positions with the help of reservation. But it is in fact nothing but Varna system. Earlier it was forth Varna Shudra it is now only name changed like (Harijan) class III & IV & again first Varna, class one are no one but the Brahmins. So now we should concentrate upon taking the class one position in the three wings of democracy. Our children should become IAS, I.P.S., M.P.'s, M.L.A.'s High court, Supreme court Judges. Import Export Business magnets. Share market tycoons. Superior military officers. Private limited company enterprising businessmen, Electronic as well as newspaper media tycoons. But only with the mind filled with Buddhism philosophy, then only they will be useful for our Buddhist society, otherwise they will become educated Brahmins from our society. So the combination of Buddha Dhamma & C.B.S.E. Education is done which develops in children the qualities of great debater, Orator responsible citizen, working in team work, doing leadership, having scientific approach imagination power & creative mind to become above dignitaries.
विषय शिक्षक भरती प्रवेश परीक्षा 2015
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